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As an integrated Managed Service Provider, we offer bespoke technology solutions to suit your business needs.

Managed cyber security services

ITFF Group provides the very best in IT cyber security for businesses looking for premium IT performance in a protected, secure environment. Our cyber security adds vital layers of protection to businesses, helping them avoid the potential devastation of a cyber-attack.

Our intrusion prevention technology provides real-time protection against network threats. In addition, we offer the latest and most advanced filtering systems and anti-spam systems direct from our privately owned data centres. Your business can also rest easy with the security of a complete disaster recovery solution.i.

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security focuses on reducing the threat of malicious online attacks like ransomware, malware and other cyberattacks. It focuses on implementing device and data protection as well as training staff to identify potential threats before they happen. As a result, cyber threats are greatly reduced.

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A complete guide to financial software development for your FinTech business

Gain a competitive edge in the realm of financial software development with TECHVIFY. Unlock the full potential of cutting-edge technologies and propel your fintech journey to unprecedented heights. Let us embark on a collaborative transformational expedition that revolutionizes your path to success.

Simple and Scalable Penetration Testing Services

Discover comprehensive penetration testing services from BreachLock, the global leader in Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS). Powered by Certified Hackers that combine AI and human expertise – we help you solve the problems of scalability and cost within an agile, DevOps ready SaaS platform.

Leading Web3 Consulting Company - Discover The Possibilities

You deserve an unmatched consulting experience. Enter the virtual world with our web3 consulting services enabled by technology and sustained through capabilities. We help our clients create change that matters.

the clients opinion

We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with ITFF . They were attentive to our input and swiftly incorporated our feedback to launch the product. The result is an email system with a responsive design that looks amazing no matter what device you're on. The security features are top-notch, giving us peace of mind knowing that our sensitive information is protected. The mobile website in particular functions and appears superbly on any screen. So collaborating with the Andersen team has been a tremendously valuable experience.

Brian Michal
Brian Michal
CFO of WELL Instruments

They have designed and developed our application on both iOS and Android in their respective native language (Swift and Kotlin). The project has been running through four phases. Their project manager, ITFF , was coordinating everything between us and Triare. We met and discussed with their designer and several of their developers. The PM has been extremely professional and service-oriented throughout the whole project. Their service-oriented mindset. If we asked for a small change they implemented it without any complaints. They even came up with suggestions outside the scope that they thought we might like, which we indeed did. They are great people and a great company. 

John Ewten
John Ewten

The team assessed the scope of work first, delving into great detail. From there, Triare proposed several options. From there, milestones were created and agreed upon, allowing for collaboration at each step. Key deliverables: flexible vendor search, secure chat, ratings and reviews, photo and video gallery, interactive map, push notifications, and personalized recommendations. +

John Supervisor
John Supervisor

We have been very impressed with the Andersen company. Their experts used AWS technology to provide a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution and could quickly develop a proof of concept and deploy a fully functional HLS streaming service. The ITFF  team's expertise in utilising AWS technology not only ensured seamless integration but also allowed us to leverage its robust features for optimal performance. Their efficient implementation resulted in a highly reliable HLS streaming service that met all our requirements and exceeded our expectations.

Alina Sifronova
Alina Sifronova